THE TERROR Official Featurette “A Look at Season 1” (HD) Ciarin Hinds … online

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The cast and creators examine how fact and fiction blend to create dread and danger in this haunting, suspenseful drama. Don’t miss the two-hour series premiere Monday, March 26 at 9/8c on AMC.

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31 comentarios en THE TERROR Official Featurette “A Look at Season 1” (HD) Ciarin Hinds … online

  • Lela Mi  says:

    This is a really great series. 🖒🏻but my heart is 💔

  • Saud Aj  says:

    bet my money it is a werewolf !

  • Kaeben  says:

    They are already all going to die, so do they need a "monster" to speed them along to the grave?

  • Cheryl Boyd  says:

    I love😊

  • emma duncan  says:

    and of course, in reality the actual "monster" was nature itself.

  • emma duncan  says:

    such a sad story.

  • j0nnyism  says:

    A monster?. Bollocks whats more frightening is the fact their food was slowly poisoning them. Thats what i find terrifying

  • Robert Maheu  says:

    lol a story literally no one cares about at all. only reason this was a big deal 3 years ago is Harper wanted to show the world that Canada had the ability to conduct complex operations in the North so that our Canadian claim to the Arctic solidifies as China, Russia, Denmark, England and USA are all competing to take the Arctic away from Canada.

  • Kenneth Schlegel  says:

    "For just one time, i would take the northwest passage, to find the hand of franklin reaching for the Beaufort sea. Tracing one warm line, through a land so wild and savage! and make the northwest passage to the sea."

  • hangar2247  says:

    The Abominable snowman ?

  • ghjghjgjhghj  says:

    This show is awesomeeeeee

  • Chris Yonts  says:

    Why did they have to add deep-sea diving and a monkey?

  • ted s  says:

    Why does everyone assume there is no monster in a place like that? But we do know for a fact that polar bears are massive and hungry.

  • zerocool1ist  says:

    Reminds me of the story of Frankenstein he traveled to were no men could follow.

  • Sylvain Malfettes  says:

    I know it's based on the book but I'm kinda disappointed that there's a monster. The story of the crew trying to survive and slowly drifting into madness (and possibly ending up thinking there's actually something out there) would have been more interesting.

  • Dino Van Hammer  says:


  • Michael Kröger  says:

    uii-must be good–half rome actors..

  • clobbyhops  says:

    It's a extra large polar bear, no monster

  • PlainBagel  says:

    Jeez do Cirian Hinds and Tobias Menzie always have to star in the same tv shows, Rome and GOT

  • Kevin Webster  says:

    They had me until they started talking about monsters.

  • pathfinder _red  says:

    Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes
    I read the books
    I read the history
    Its finally time for HMS EREBUS & HMS TERROR to arrive on the silver screen

  • Doctor Boot  says:

    don't bother putting the air-date…great job

  • Chris Holland  says:

    "Royal Navy "

  • Jim Morgan  says:

    I find the polar explorers so interesting.

  • RPG FLAMEZ  says:

    "lost" Antarctica

  • wufongtan wufong  says:

    Where are the black people. Fuck whites are so racist. They never include us in their history

  • Magellan Dufour  says:


  • Iggsy81  says:

    looks aight.. i might watch this fucker

  • Morris Jensen - Travel Artist  says:

    It's looks great, one problem, why take a true story and turn it into a silly horror film. The crew died mainly due to the lead in the can food and food inside being rubbish. There was no eskimo 'pocahontas', no monster.

  • SANTAEFF lastname  says:


  • ChizAfterHours  says:

    Caesar and Brutus joined the Royal Navy

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