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El Purgatorio V “La casa encantada” Efectos de terror online

¡Hola! Os subo mi última creación de El Purgatorio: efectos de sonido escalofriantes. Esta vez está inspirada en una casa donde suceden cosas un tanto extrañas, tipo Poltergeist... ¡Espero que disfrutéis este vídeo! Publicidad Tarot, Videncia, Horoscopo gratis, Rituales.. 934363263 806424332 USA: 0014076800313 UK:00448081687022 Mexico: 00525553510757 Francia: 0033974593093 Leer Mas [...]Leer Más

Fantasmas: Nightwish “The Phantom Of The Opera” with lyrics

lyrics are here......... The Phantom Of The Opera Tarja & Marco (vocals) [CHRISTINE:] Tarja In sleep he sang to me - In dreams he came That voice which calls to me - And speaks my name And do I dream again - For now I find The Phantom of the opera is there - Inside my mind [PHANTOM:]Marco - Sing once again with me Our strange duet My power over you - Grows stronger yet And though you turn from me - To glance behind The Phantom of the opera is there - Inside your mind [CHRISTINE:] Tarja - Leer Mas [...]Leer Más

Fantasmas: Phantom of the Opera – Lindsey Stirling

Purchase my album #BraveEnough on iTunes: Also available here: Target: AMAZON CD: B&N: AMAZON VINYL: Download this song on iTunes: Phantom Sheet Music (with piano accompaniment or karaoke): My sheet music here: Mobile App: More Sheet Music: Merchandise: Check out my "Behind the Scenes" channel: Sign up for my super-cool newsletter here 😉 Shannon Cheek made all the AMAZING costumes. She does custom work and these dresses are for sale on her site: You can purchase the white dress Leer Mas [...]Leer Más