Ovni: Real UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Tell What Extraterrestrials Want. Ovnis.

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Real UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Answer What Extraterrestrials Want. Ovnis.
We all know what happened on Nine Eleven. But Do you know what happened two days prior? On Nine Nine? Aliens came here from the future to collect evidence lost in earth calamities. You shall know everything after seeing these amazing UFO crashes videos that you never saw before because they were highly classified. And we only can show it because of former US President Jimmy Carter provided them to us last month. Of course, some of the crashes might be meteors, satellites or man made objects but majority of them are out of this world, literally.
Some crashes left not only thousands of witnesses baffled but physical evidence behind. There are not only giant smoking craters like these that appeared overnight but physical parts of UFOs spaceships made from unknown on earth metal alloys found by multiple witnesses. Usually men in black come and confiscate any parts they could ever find, but even after their raids – dozens of those alien object remained in private possessions after witnesses found them at UFO crash or hard landings sites.
Some UFO crashes like this recent one in Pacific Ocean near California shore, you just saw were very well documented and filmed from multiple angles with different cameras. Entire shore was locked down and searched by military. These footages are highly classified and only saw a daylight today because former US president Jimmy Carter gave us access to these incredible video files. Bodies of several humanoids they either fished out from Pacific Ocean or found after searching the shore. After that, aliens were transferred to Sierra Nevada mountain research facility for further study.
Several UFO crashes like this one in Colorado were filmed from start to finish and produced alive Grey alien humanoids. Greys traveled from the future to observe their evolution and collect the historical evidence. In other words, grey aliens are future humans and they do travel though time. While reptilian aliens travel not though time but though space only. Reptilians have very different agenda. They want humans to revert to their reptilian roots rather than becoming Greys. And they do not easily crash and burn unlike Greys. But we will show Reptilians in our other video.
Many aliens survived the spaceship crashes and were forced to run and hide until they either deployed they rescue beacons and picked up by other Greys or captured by man in black – special paramilitary unit. There is a secret agreement between Greys and US government to return any captured Greys and keep their presence in secret. So man in black would rather eliminate witnesses by wiping they memory rather than disclose Greys.
Grey Extraterrestrials are highly advanced comparatively to humans. So why do they crash and burn? The answer is: Those saucers you saw crashed are not designed to travel across the universe. They are mere cheap expendable time machines designed to make it though time. And dead aliens you saw – are not dead at all. They are just expendable bodies of the advanced alien race. They are just dolls – the same like our bodies. Movement devices that connected to global information field. Once one doll is expired they simply fill the other one. The same applies to humans, except we do not have the technology to manipulate the next doll exactly as we want to but we don’t just disappear either. Death is human made concept. But don’t take it from me, take it from aliens themselves.

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peggy acosta · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Click on pastor Paul beagly +

peggy acosta · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


peggy acosta · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


peggy acosta · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Click on pastor Paul beagly +

Barren76 · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Nice CGI

Jamie Ewan · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Mr. Jimmy Carter is such a good man with an enormous heart. I lived close to him in Ga.
He can definitely tell some stories. When he dies the world will lose a treasure. I don't know if I believe in aliens and UFOs but I wouldn't take what Mr.Carter says with a grain of salt that's for sure.
So if he did give this to these ppl then it worth the time to watch.

Cornelis Swarttouw · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


Sen Chi · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

interview 15:25

Faye Cookson · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

This is either the most ridiculous or amazing video i have ever seen!… I Supscribed!!!

BurntSmash · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Just look at the top right corner….

Tai Krige · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


An Chen · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


Angel of Truth · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Aliens are demons, here to deceive us that there is no GOD!

ginger elvira · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Why didn't the person filming this walk over and take a closer look?

Zach Vicente · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

dont make it a joke mister! Extraterrestrials are here and out and i believe in them but don’t exaggerate or make up a story by photoshopping or make it like a joke of a movie…be more realistic so u will not end up as a clown.

jgk2s · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Thats from NASA

frankenboston · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


BradleyVolk3 · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

That martian man seemed pretty cool. I wonder what CIA family he is living with? He is who Roger from American Dad was inspired by. Except way more feminine and dramatic. This martian man was cool but way too serious. When asked the meaning of life a cool ass ET would've said "DEEZ GREY NUTZ".

humbletruth · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Damn they manipulated this

Kerry Emmerson · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

where are you from Igor?

Hoping to be wheat, Not a tare · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Laugh now but let's see if you laugh when they show up…THE TRUTH IS THAT ALIENS ARE FALLEN ANGELS…DEMONS!
When satan got kicked out of heaven, he had talked 1/3 of the Angels into going with him…he lied to them and caused jealously in their hearts AND THEY ARE POSING AS "ALIENS", and WILL be coming soon and claiming that "they" came here centuries ago and seeded life on this planet and that Jesus is/was one of them…those that believe this LIE and side with them, for whatever reason…(I'm sure some will do it just so they can take a ride in a UFO)…if you side with them, you won't end up on another planet but in a really bad place. Think about it…why do you think that Hellywood has been pumping out all these movies about aliens? A lot of people will take it as a big joke and do stupid stuff like smoke a joint and say idiotic stuff like "Take me, I want to travel the universe", BUT ITS GOING TO BE NO JOKE…don't let them take you with them. Think for yourself and DONT DO IT JUST BECAUSE YOUR FRIENDS DO OR OTHERS TELL YOU THEY ARE, so you should too.
If you don't believe me?
Look up videos on YouTube called "LA Marzulli" or another one called "Nicholson1968" and after you watch and subscribe to them there are a lot of other serious videos that will be suggested to you by the YouTube search machine that will educate you on what's REALLY going on that WE have not been told!
Life is short for a reason, we are just here to prepare for the next life…so don't fall for the crap that so many are going to and miss out on the really best thing of all. There really is life after this life, if you don't believe the aliens BS…if you don't talk to God or Jesus…NOW WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO START CAUSE THINGS ARE REALLY GETTING READY TO GET INTERESTING…earth quakes are happening ALL over the planet and storms are increasing in strength and frequency, and it's being kept off the news but volcanos are ALL popping off like crazy!…don't believe me?…watch YouTube videos called "This happened on earth today", this channel puts out a video every day or so about the 5 or 6 days prior to the video. If you care enough to have read my whole comment as long as it is, then it was meant for you to be here at this very minute to find out before it's too late and get woken up as to what's going on…PLEASE, look into this, you'll be glad you did!

stephen scott · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

speach seems to have gone a little retrograde captain, or has it just crashed.

Krisantha Elda · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


Krisantha Elda · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Real Aliens Love

Daniel Tittyfish · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

oh and splicing a fake ufo into war footage? Thats real classy Igor!

Dennis Huffman · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


Dennis Huffman · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


Arend · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

What will you do when you find out that the world is being visited? Alliesofhumanity .org

Tony Kuli · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

They probably want to know why we are bent on destroying ourselves!

cliffh5 · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

Why do the "crashed UFO" pieces look like the HVAC ducts in my attic?

Srinivas Siddarth · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

The interview with the alien changed my perspective about life, death, the universe and after life etc. That is exactly what the truth is all about human life , god and the universe. wonderful video. Thanks for sharing.

Rio F. · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

you said disclosure is coming in summer…. hasn't… you should show some actual aliens recovered by feds

Neo Korben · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47


09dreezy · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

YO 4:23. WTF IS GOING ON?!!??! My only guess is thats the reaction element 115 has when it explodes. Freaky.

DEDOS42 · 17 octubre, 2017 a las 7:47

can you lie more….

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