Misterios ocultos: Thelonious Monk – “Misterioso” (T.Monk Quartet – 1958)

Thelonious Monk (piano)
Johnny Griffin (saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Charlie Rouse (tenor saxophone)
Roy Haynes (drums)

*Recorded live at The Five Spot Cafe, New York, New York on August 7, 1958.


Videncia y oraculo, horoscopos, carta astral, tarot…

4 comentarios en Misterios ocultos: Thelonious Monk – “Misterioso” (T.Monk Quartet – 1958)

  • Ilmo Salonen  says:

    Not fair…the basist has been ingnored. Who was he?

  • elinnombrable  says:

    respect to Jimmy Smith, and obviously to Mr T Monk.

  • Isabelle Guilmin  says:

    tout simplement genial !

  • justincred85  says:

    That's not Monk in the picture. It's Jimmy Smith.

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