JULIUS CAESAR CRUCIFIED – Cleopatra Part 3 online

Israel is really Ishmael. The Holy City is in Egypt. The bible IS Pesher!


Tarot, videncia, horoscopo y carta astral gratis…

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    Israel is The Lord's wife of Exodus 4:22

    I Am She of Galatians 4:26

  • Sean Wade  says:

    You're the man well put thanks

  • Mark Trujillo  says:

    You're right… but Unfortunately, the point of Rome, Ireneaus' Book against heresies, etc.
    Was to create people like you. So people like you will stand behind megalomaniacal, lying, thieving idiots like Donald McFondle Trump as being remotely legitimate, much less, Christ-like.
    No. Donald Trump is like Andrew Jackson. Thomas Jefferson warned about people like your ever wonderful president Tramp.
    You are under a Venus spell, yourself, my friend. Sorry, but its true.

    The fact that you can learn all this and then conclude to support scum like our president is disappointing and discouraging..
    Like there's a sincere person underneath discovering the truth about religion and tyranny.. and then, the other personality, upon finding nothing to cling to, rushes and clings to the next best thing .. now the last state is worse than before.

    I suppose I side with Snoop Dogg on this. 😐😑 Why not? Yeshua was Afro-Asianic anyway.

  • Judith H  says:

    Just found you! Subscribed love your work

  • Spirit in the Sky  says:

    Copernicus, galileo, etc are globe earthers and masons. They were LIARS and NOT good guys. If you look up in the sky, constellations never change. On a spinning globe at 1038mph (right?) Stars would never be in the same spot. Trump is a jesuit. Hes a crypto jew and a liar and thief. Trump is for israel. He wont be assassinated. Hes a zionist bitch.

  • Rose Glo  says:

    Growing up lol i was called crazy

  • Rose Glo  says:

    I never understood this

  • Rose Glo  says:

    Woooow if this true i need to look deeper ive been called cleopatra when i was younger i had an obession that jesus was my boyfriend lml i love angels i love roses im obessed with Egypt i had a dream i went through a golden gate with flowers i was in a desert idk but ive had alot of dreams be true ive always felt like i was a Goddess in my past life i need help i want to understand

  • og Amazu  says:

    Please read the description

  • og Amazu  says:


    Do please check this out. I'm still in shock😜. Weldone david👌🏿✊🏿🌀🎱

  • Jeremy Hammonds-pelfrey  says:

    Oh dear Lord! Donald Trump has filled the swamp! I like u David leave the politics alone.

  • Scott Marly1bullie  says:

    do you think syincratism ir dueality turner evrything upside down & you Will ser the truth ? no ? !!! genètica as in the data of knoa or sara or know'ledge

  • Scott Marly1bullie  says:

    why is the sky blue brother thairs mite then ens ugh waterpolo but i enjoy ur hipothises brither

  • Janet Purvis  says:

    In Issac shall my seed be called? What is the mystery there. I know but I want to know if you do.

  • Grace Through Faith  says:

    Esau sold hos birthrate for RED soup. With blood or broth of animals. Meat a since? I believe so. And how many of us are still eating gravy and broth made with blood.

  • Dino Salas  says:

    JOSHUA'S LONG DAY PROVEN…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0h5jYLvatM

  • Dino Salas  says:


  • Randy Phillips  says:

    Notice how putin looks identical to Caesar

  • Silver Wind Hurricane  says:

    No religion or mythology on the planet has anything close to what i would deem a God or Goddess. I'm glad that you finally exposed what the 24 elders represent, the 24 elders are the hours of the day presided over by El Saturn, Father Time and just so you know I am no fan of El Saturn.

  • Rosemary Imhof  says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. so glad I found you.

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